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Guest House Construction in Scottsdale, AZ

Guest House Construction in Scottsdale AZ

This Guest House “Casita” in South Scottsdale, AZ creates an quaint, modern, and architecturally appropriate “tiny home” in this Scottsdale neighborhood.

The homeowner’s goal was to create a comfortable living space for her mother.

In order to accomplish this we built an addition on an existing detached structure, adding a kitchen and bathroom with age-in-place features. 

The Guest House was expanded towards the middle of the rear yard due to the city of Scottsdale zoning requirements, and the location of main plumbing sewer line.

In order to efficiently use the existing and new space, all of the new plumbing was placed in the addition portion of the Casita.

Project Dimensions:

  • Existing detached structure: 12’x16′ (192 s.f.)
  • Addition to detached structure: 8′ x 16′ (128 s.f.)
  • Total Square footage of new guest house “Casita”:  20′ x 16′ (320 s.f.)

Guest House "Casita" in Scottsdale: Before & After

Casita Guest House Image in Scottsdale, AZ after
guest house casita before 1 before

Guest House Design & Exterior

Historic Designation

The property is located in the Village Grove Historic District in Scottsdale. As such the design is required to follow the character of the neighborhood’s 1950’s postwar architecture.

Exterior Home Renovations

The existing gable-roofed structure was modified to create a “cross-gabled” structure, or “t-shaped” gable roof.

Exterior features of this guest house project in Scottsdale include:

  • Board & batten siding on the exterior
  • Window, door, and corner trim
  • Fascia and rake trim at the roof line
  • R13 wall insulation
  • Window & door flashing for water resistance
  • Water-resistive barrier for moisture control
  • New window & doors

Guest House in Scottsdale: Siding Color Options

Project Team & Details

  • Location

    South Scottsdale, AZ

  • Project Scope

    Kitchen & bathroom addition
    Remodel of existing structure
    Concrete patio

  • Interior & Exterior Design

    Project Construction LLC

  • Project Investment

    $92,000 (2020)