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design & pre-construction​

Set your Phoenix—Scottsdale remodeling project up for success by designing and planning all the details up front.

All remodeling projects need three things to run smoothly and achieve high quality results:

  • a well-defined design and scope of work
  • an adequate remodeling budget
  • a great team to execute it

We work with you to determine your needs and document the details, then coordinate with all parties to meet your goals and budget.

"Good planning is the foundation of success for almost any project. Start by getting clear on your goal."

- Jude Bijou

Hire a professional Phoenix area remodeling company that sets your project up for success.

benefits of our process

project clarity.

Our professional remodeling process establishes clear design objectives, home owner criteria, code compliance, budgets, time lines and more.

We collaborate and communicate all the information to subcontractors, suppliers, designers, building authorities and you.

This project planning process yields an accurate job quote that reflects your needs and preferences. Costly surprises are virtually eliminated.


Using project management tools developed over years of experience, we track every aspect of your job from beginning to end. From budgets, subcontractors, labor and materials, to daily activity—we track everything and keep you in the loop.

professional results.

When design details have been defined, communication is clear and management is organized, your remodeling project is completed more smoothly and with better results.

You get the results you expect and the quality you deserve. That’s more than just a promise—it’s at the core of our philosophy.

important benefits for your project

  • project objectives are clear
  • everyone is on the same page
  • communication of details is easier
  • your project is "shovel ready"
  • the project is time & on budget
  • costly mistakes are avoided
  • you get the results you want!
budget and estimate worksheet
subcontractor spreadsheet
Weekly planning spreadsheet
example of project contract

budgeted for success

organized for success

managed for success

documented for success

  • remodeling budget worksheets
  • scope of work & bid worsheets
  • project calendars & timelines
  • detailed construction contract

how much does it cost?

We can discuss a conceptual price range for most remodeling projects in the Phoenix—Scottsdale area, but these “ball park” numbers are not very useful.

Until the project is clearly defined neither we nor anyone else can possibly know the true costs. Accurate quotes and a contract price require our detailed analysis and often design work to prepare. Once your project is defined you have a valuable tool to make decisions or comparisons.

Design, consultation and remodeling costs are based on the size, scope and complexity of your Phoenix—Scottsdale area remodeling project.

design & remodeling services costs & fees

  • initial consultation free- lets talk
  • conceptual project price range free- lets talk

    These are very rough, "ball park" numbers of what is possible. Give us a call or fill out the form below to contact us.

  • basic scope of work & quote $50-$300 +

    Written scope of work and quote for your small to mid-sized Phoenix area remodeling project. You'll have specific, detailed information on which to base your decision and compare options.

  • basic design, scope of work & quote $300-$1000 +

    We'll analyze and define your project including design consultation, scope of work, your wants and your needs. This gives you a baseline for your project and allows for accurate quotes and comparisons.

    Projects include kitchen & bath renovations, multi room remodels, exterior renovations and small additions.

  • general contracting & carpentry please contact us

    Our team is skilled, professional and ready to serve you.

  • design drawings please contact us

    Plans & drawings provided by our certified designer or our architect. Drawings may be necessary to quote a project or obtain permits.

  • design development please contact us

    In-depth design development process with construction drawings and specifications developed by our team. Project goals, budget and timelines are defined with a contract price.

  • design-build please contact us

    Design development and construction of your project by our professional team. Visit our design build page for more information.

design, remodeling & construction services

  • creative design & consultation
  • planning & budgeting
  • field drawings- as-built
  • building code & zoning review
  • plans, drawings & renderings
  • material & product selection
  • pre-construction services
  • general contracting
  • custom carpentry & building
  • finish trim work and cabinets

tell us about your project

How do we get started? Contact us and tell us about your project. Important things to share include:

  • the type of remodeling project you want to do
  • where in the Phoenix area you are located
  • your vision for the design or style
  • what your expectations are

We can start to communicate the details by email and over the phone. You can provide images, sketches, or lists you’ve created.

What’s the next step? We’ll set up an appointment to meet and discuss it some more. Together we’ll start to clarify the project including:

  • design details and possibilities
  • a basic scope of work
  • the working budget
  • rough measurements
  • important time frames