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Exterior Siding Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

This Phoenix exterior siding repair project was a special project for us. Mr. Russell called us to look at his home that needed extensive exterior repairs, fascia repairs, paint, and foam roof replacement. While we were looking at the home he explained that he was terminally ill. He wanted to fix the house so that his brother wouldn’t have to deal with it when he passed.

A decision was made that we would help him by self performing some of the exterior repair work, while recommending some of our trade partner resources to work directly with him on other parts of the project, avoiding additional costs.

We coordinated the details and scheduling with our trade partners. This exterior remodeling project included:

  • exterior siding repairs
  • fascia removal and replacement
  • a new foam roof
  • exterior painting
  • stucco repairs
  • drywall ceiling repair in the carport

Mr. Russell passed soon after the repairs were completed. The exterior was brought back to life and will serve his brother for years to come, just as Mr. Russell wished.

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