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Home Remodeling in Scottsdale

Kitchen Addition on Ranch Style Home in Scottsdale Arizona

Home Remodeling in Scottsdale

Home Remodeling Professionals Who Care.

Project Construction LLC is a licensed remodeling contractor in Scottsdale AZ. With a KB-2 general contractor‘s license, we are able to perform remodeling or construction projects of any size, value, or scope on your home.

If your home doesn’t suit your family’s needs, or you’d like to update it in any way, you can entrust us with handling all the details. We’ll work with you to achieve spectacular outcomes. 

Whatever kind of project you’re thinking of, we’ll help you from design to completion, and always think of your family’s needs. We work hard to make remodeling in Scottsdale and the surrounding area a positive experience.

Home remodel in Scottsdale with custom metal work and wood flooring

Home Remodeling in Scottsdale: What's Important?

Why Hire Project Construction LLC?

There are several things that homeowners who hire contractors consistently want. These seem to be important to almost everybody.

We’ve listed some of them here. These aren’t all of the things that people care about, but we’ve found that they are among the most important. We’d like to know what’s important to you, on your project, in your home.

What do we need to be sensitive about while working on your home? What’s important to you and your family? Together we can learn if we’re a good fit for your project, it starts with a conversation. 

Professional Home Remodeling in Scottsdale

Do Your Expectations Align with Your Contractor’s Values?

Homeowners who are looking for home remodeling in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley have high standards and expectations. Fortunately, so do we! 

From the very beginning we set out to provide great service, beautiful workmanship, compliance with codes, and to follow the contracting rules in Arizona.

It’s no wonder that building inspectors, homeowners, and others always compliment us on our work.

We are typically a good fit if you want to hire an experienced, licensed remodeling contractor who will do a great job managing and building your project, and where there is an adequate budget to accomplish your goals.

If high standards are important to you, we really should talk!

Remodeling Service Area

Modern Kitchen Design & Installation with Grey and White Cabinets, and Butcher Block Countertops

What About All The Remodeling Dust & Debris?

Yeah, we agree, what about it?

How do contractors protect your home and family from dust and debris? Do they have a plan? What if there’s lead paint in the home?

We went to look at a project some years back, and a plumbing company was replacing the drains throughout the home. There was dust everywhere, on every surface, and there was a child in the home.

What a tragedy for that family. Maintaining a clean and safe jobsite is important to us. A fan in a window is not enough to prevent massive dust contamination.

We’ve invested in top-notch equipment designed to capture and contain dust. We also employ dust control measures throughout the duration of every remodeling project. Your health and safety depend on it!

EPA Lead safe remodeler badge
Framing Plan Drawing for Home Remodeling in Scottsdale

Home Remodeling Design

Does your remodeling idea require design services, whether they are needed for a building permit, or to help to visualize and define the project?

Powerful Design Software

With Chief Architect design software we can create floor plans, drawings, and 3d design for your project.

We can create a virtual model of your Scottsdale or Phoenix area project so you can explore different layouts, finishes, colors, and even the lighting.

You’ll be able to SEE your ideas and make decisions before your project starts, and make sure it’s perfect for your needs!

Does My Project Need A Permit?

Navigating the design and permitting requirements of a major home remodeling project in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Paradise Valley can be confusing.

Some projects can be permitted online, while others may require a review process at the city building department. That will take time, and may entail some design effort. For some projects, you don’t need a permit at all.

We can help you determine whether your project will need a permit. If a permit is required we can assemble the required documentation. If no permits are required we can schedule the project more quickly.

Click the link below for more information about building permits in Scottsdale:

Who's The Best Home Remodeling Contractor in Scottsdale?

Home Remodeling is Complex!

Remodeling projects are complex and disruptive. They require a great deal of skill and attention to detail. Typically a lot of people are involved in the process. 

Remodeling or renovation projects should be carefully designed, managed, supervised, and built. That’s the responsibility of the contractor you choose. “Choose wisely” is said for a reason!

Without a dedicated and capable partner by your side, there’s potential for mistakes, delays, or unforeseen costs. You could end up dissatisfied with the project’s results, or the way it was managed. Who want’s that? 

Contractors Are All The Same, Aren’t They?

Studies have shown that homeowners expect quality work from a contractor. Unfortunately, getting quality results is not always the case. Our experience tells us that there are more important things than just the cost of a home remodeling project.  

Almost every contractor will say they do quality work. We feel that our work speaks for itself. That’s why we show a lot of photos of our work, and of the remodeling process. Check out our projects portfolio to see for yourself.

There’s a great quote that says: “If a contractor says something, it’s a claim. If a customer says it, it’s a fact.” We love that one!

Our reviews from previous clients tell the story better than we can, or should tell it.

Nearly 3 decades of doing major remodeling projects and renovations has taught us what’s important to the homeowners whose homes we remodel. We never lose sight of our responsibility to you and your project.

We’ve always worked hard to provide great outcomes, even when we’ve fallen short of expectations in some way. Being a remodeling contractor is full of lessons, and we’re aways making improvements. 

When you choose a contractor for your home remodeling project, we hope you get everything you’re looking for, and you are satisfied with the results. You deserve it!

We’d love to be that choice. We think we can provide you and your family with a positive experience and a beautiful space.

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