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Small modern pool & patio in Scottsdale

This small, modern pool & patio in Scottsdale created a simple, compact, modern oasis in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Before the pool and patio installation the yard was boring and featureless.

The site posed several challenges. 

  • This home in the heart of the city has a small back yard
  • Electrical wires overhead limited the size and placement of the pool
  • Safety was paramount, so we installed a pool fence
  • Drainage for heavy monsoon rains needed to be created

Small pool in a small yard

The yard is very compact, so we had to squeeze the 10′ x 20′ pool between an existing patio and the main overhead electrical wires feeding the house. Pool codes dictate the distance the pool needs to be from these wires, so we had to make it work.

This backyard renovation project was tricky because the yard had poor drainage. Water from heavy monsoon rains would collect close to the house.  Installation of the pool left even less room for this water to drain. We had to divert storm water to two points on either side of the yard.

We created a “dry pond’ drainage pit on one side of the yard, and an underground “dry well” on the other side. These are fed by underground drainage pipes with drainage grates in the gravel landscape pathways. 

Small modern pool with a simple patio

There was enough room for a 12′ x 20′ paver patio at the shallow end of the pool.  The color and material palette was chosen to create a simple, modern pool and patio area. 

Light blue pebble finish, medium gray tile at the water line, and light gray cool decking on the concrete contrast with the charcoal gray pavers. This color scheme gives this little pool a modern, luxury style and feel.

The house already had a huge 30′ x 18′ covered patio right next to the pool, so there’s plenty of space for entertaining or enjoying this modern city oasis.

A successful pool & patio installation

This project was a challenge even though it was not a large or extensive back yard renovation project. 

We had to be creative problem solvers, and had to carefully layout the pool and patio design, as well as the critical drainage components. 

The homeowners are thrilled with their small, modern pool and love the way it turned out. That’s what we set out to accomplish, just like we do with every project.

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    South Scottsdale, AZ

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    pool installation
    pool pump cover
    pool fence & curb
    grading & drainage

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    Project Construction LLC

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    Project Construction LLC

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    Clearview Pool Service

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