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Cost to Convert a Carport to a Garage

Project Construction LLC
Garage Options & Costs
Project Construction LLC
Garage Options & Costs
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Carport Conversion: Options & Costs

The Cost to convert a carport to a garage will depend on several factors. There are several ways to do it, and some options to consider. This guide considers the estimated cost in 2019.

Scroll down to view carport to garage conversion costs, as well as option & upgrade costs.

All costs are estimated. The cost of your garage is determined by the conditions of your home and the specific design, options, and finishes of your garage.

Carport to Garage Conversion Cost

  • Base Investment $16,950 - $14,950

    Design, building permit & inspections
    16" on center wall framing
    Walls built on existing concrete pad
    Basic garage door & opener
    20 minute fire door
    Reinforce existing beam
    Unfinished on the inside
    Wiring for opener & GFI receptacle
    Update smoke/CO detectors
    Weather & moisture barrier
    Painted "SmartSide" T1-11 siding & trim

Siding & Garage Door Options

Garage Interior & Electrical Options

Foundation & Concrete Options

  • Concrete Stem Wall $3600 - $2600

    Form & pour stem wall on existing concrete floor
    Install structural anchors & hardware

  • New Wall Footings $4650 - $3650

    Cut concrete, form & pour new reinforced footings in existing footprint

  • New Concrete Floor $5900 - $5600

    Remove existing concrete pad, pour & finish new concrete floor

Structural Changes & Options

Carport to Garage Conversion
Example Project in Scottsdale, AZ

Example Carport to Garage Conversion: Project Cost

$25,783    *As shown (2018)

The goal of this modern garage was to create an insulated space, wired for electrical receptacles, finished on the inside, with great curb appeal.

The investment required for your carport conversion depends on what options and features you want it to have, and the existing conditions of your home.

Continue reading to learn what this garage conversion included, and for more information about garage conversion features and costs. Click the button below to view this project’s portfolio page.

Project Construction LLC
Modern Garage Conversion

Example Carport Conversion: Scope of Work

This carport to garage conversion in South Scottsdale included premium options, electrical work, and code requirements that drove the investment cost and scope of work. 

Click the tabs below to view what this modern carport to garage conversion included:

carport to garage design in scottsdale

  • Drawings provided by contractor
    • Plot plan
    • Structural details
    • Electrical & fire safety details
    • 3D design rendering
  • Building permit & inspections
  • Project management
  • 400 sf garage- size was not increased


  • Temporary support of the roof
  • Concrete stem wall
    • Raises the wood framing off the ground
    • Prevents water from seeping into the garage
    • Prevents mold on wood and drywall.
  • Structural hold downs & anchors
  • 16″ on center framing, 1/2″ sheathing
  • Tyvek weather barrier

phoenix carport stem wall for garage

scottsdale carport concrete stem wall

garage framing contractor scottsdale


modern garage with metal siding and clopy modern door

  • 7/8 corrugated metal siding
  • Galvalume finish 
  • Metal trim details
  • 16′ x 7′ Clopay Modern Steel Series garage door
    • Insulated door
    • Frosted glass panels
  • LiftMaster wall mount garage door opener
    • Saves overhead space
    • Keyless entry
    • LED light
    • Battery back-up
    • Automatic deadbolts
    • Quiet operation
  • Insulated walls & ceiling
  • Drywall wall & ceiling finish
  • New 20 minute fire door
    • Required by code
    • Self closing hinges
    • Kwikset Halifax hardware  
  • Existing house window blocked in
    • Required by code 
    • drywall patched on the interior


  • Exterior lights on the front of the garage
  • Spot light on the side of the garage
  • Switches for lighting
  • New GFCI circuit
    • Required by code
  • Electrical receptacles along the side wall 
  • New circuit for a portable AC unit
  • Wiring for garage door opener
  • Update of carbon monoxide & smoke detectors
    • Required by code


Carport to Garage Conversion: Project Considerations

There are several things to consider when deciding convert your carport to a garage.

Garage conversions require a building permit in Scottsdale, AZ. The building department requires a plot plan of your property, structural details, and some fire safety measures. Check your local codes for requirements.

Below are some of the things you should think about before hiring a contractor to build your garage. 

Size & Design

The garage size and complexity of the design will affect the cost of your carport conversion.

  • Design & engineering
  • 1-car or 2-car garage
  • Enlarging the garage
  • Changing the roof
  • Concrete foundation work
  • Concrete slab work
  • Re-configuring walkways
  • Re-configuring landscaping

Exterior & Siding

The type of exterior siding and other features will affect the cost of your carport conversion.

  • Wood siding & trim
  • Cement board siding & trim
  • Metal siding & trim
  • Rain screen siding systems
  • Concrete or masonry walls
  • Exterior doors & windows
  • Type & size of garage door
  • Lighting & electrical design

Interior & Finish

The interior finish and other features affect the cost of your carport conversion.

  • Finished interior walls
  • Plywood interior walls
  • Insulated walls & ceiling
  • Window removal
  • Door replacement
  • Lighting & switching
  • Electrical receptacles
  • Custom storage & shelving

Garage Conversion: Cost Drivers & Cost Savers

Garage Conversion
Cost Drivers

Consider these improvements
if your budget allows
  • Garage siding upgrades
  • Finish & insulate inside of garage
  • Add electrical circuits or panels
  • Add new lighting
  • Smoke & CO detector upgrade
  • Add exterior doors & windows
  • Replacing garage beam
  • Foundation & concrete improvements
  • Blocking in existing windows
  • Upgrade garage door & opener
  • Extend or enlarge the garage
increases cost

Garage Conversion
Cost Savers

Consider these factors
if you're on a strict budget
  • Use T1-11 siding
  • Leave inside of garage unfinished
  • Minimize electrical work
  • Use existing lighting
  • Existing Smoke & CO detectors used
  • Don't add exterior doors or windows
  • Maintain existing structural beams
  • Build walls on existing concrete
  • Choose a basic garage door
  • Don't install a garage door opener
  • Maintain the existing footprint
decreases cost

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