Scottsdale carport to modern garage conversion

Conversion of a 2 car carport to a modern garage in the Hy-View neighborhood in South Scottsdale, AZ.

This 1950’s ranch got a garage update with a Clopay Modern Steel Collection flush door.

The siding is 7/8 corrugated metal panels in a galvalume finish that were installed vertically to create a contrasting garage on the corner of the house.

The best way to enclose your carport.

The right way to enclose your carport and convert it to a garage is to build the walls on a concrete stem wall or curb. 

This ensures that the wood studs and siding are raised above the ground, protecting them from moisture and preventing flooding of the garage.

Notice the silver flashing that was placed on the concrete stem wall before framing the wall. That is there to prevent water from “wicking” up through the concrete and into the wood and causing mold.

Secure walls & garage door opening.

The building code requires that the front walls of the garage door opening be secured with “hold down” hardware, which is embedded through the stem wall into the concrete slab

The long side wall is also secured with galvanized threaded rod as foundation anchors. 

This thing isn’t going anywhere!

First phase of a long term design vision:

This is the first phase of many planned remodeling updates for this mid century Scottsdale home. In future there will be a master suite addition, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, a rusted steel fence, and landscaping improvements.

The neighborhood is conveniently located near Old Town Scottsdale and to Phoenix. There are many homes that have been significantly improved and expanded with additions.

The goals of this Scottsdale ranch garage conversion include:

  • create a modern focal point on the corner of the home
  • gain valuable space for cars or storage
  • create a space for working in or doing projects.
  • utilize a galvanized finish to contrast with rusted metal elements in the landscape

The rusted steel fence project in the back yard of this house can be viewed by clicking this image:

rusted steel fence in scottsdale az

Rusted steel fence project

Modern steel fence project in Scottsdale with rolling gate, swing gate, and bare steel corrugated panels that will rust naturally.

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