Rusted steel fence in Scottsdale

Looking for a modern steel fence? We can design & build your fence with rusted steel, galvanized or painted steel, corrugated panels, or CORTEN® steel panels. Corten steel is a special “weathering steel” alloy that forms a stable rusted appearance over time and doesn’t require painting.

Rolling gates or swing gates can be designed and built to provide access for vehicles or people.

This rusted steel fence project in Scottsdale, AZ 

was designed so that the homeowner can drive vehicles into the yard from the alley. It has a 15′ wide rolling gate, as well as a 50″ swinging gate with a concrete pad.

The previous wood fence had rotted at the posts and fell over. It had poorly constructed footings as well. We needed to start from scratch. 

In this neighborhood there are pockets of “caliche”. These hard, concrete-like formations in the soil required that we use a mini excavator to dig the footings.

Steel fence design

The fence was designed using CAD to provide clear construction details. Design drawings help to visualize the look and function of the fence, and the gates. They also help to accurately layout and construct the fence.

We submitted several drawings to the city of Scottsdale planning & building departments including:

  • a plot plan of the property with setbacks
  • the location of the fence on the property
  • details of fence footings
  • details of fence construction
  • an elevation view of the fence from both sides

Rusted steel fence construction

A rolling gate requires a flat, level surface to roll on, so we formed and poured a concrete curb that the gate rolls on. The 15′ opening for the rolling gate is reinforced with steel rebar in the concrete. This provides strength where vehicles drive over the concrete surface.  

The fence is constructed using 14 gauge 3″ square tubing for the main upright support posts, and 2″ square tubing for the horizontal support members. All joints are welded. The panels are 22 gauge 7/8 corrugated bare steel that will rust naturally over time.

3″ rubber guide rollers are positioned and welded to guide the rolling gate at the top. There is an inverted “V” angle iron track at the bottom for the steel wheels to roll on. This system makes opening the large rolling gate effortless.

This custom rusty steel fence was completed in the first week of August 2019. Stay tuned for more pictures as the bare steel develops a natural rust patina!

Custom steel fence
Steel posts & frame
rusted corrugated panels
Rolling steel gate

Project team, details & links

steel fence in scottsdale plot plan
plot plan by Project Construction LLC

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