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Window & Door Installation in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Window & Door Installation

Project Construction LLC considers window & door installation to be a critical home improvement upgrade that can increase comfort, prevent water damage, and improve the energy efficiency of your Phoenix area home.

To maximize the benefits of window & door replacement, they must be installed and sealed correctly.

We want to keep water and heat out in the summer, and we want comfort in the colder months as well. Windows and doors also need to operate smoothly for many years of use.

There are several steps involved in window & door installation, and a proper sequence. Wood framed houses require different methods than masonry “block” homes.

The exterior finish, interior finish, and even window location can all play a role.

Window & door installation considerations are specific to your home and can include:

  • Changing the size of the opening and structural framing
  • Using the existing opening without modification
  • Choosing the style, type, color and, quality of the window
  • Energy efficiency ratings and features
  • Installing the window or door square, level, and plumb
  • Using the right fasteners for your home’s conditions
  • Using high quality caulking & sealants
  • Sealing the interior with spray foam or caulk
  • Installation of trim or drywall to finish the interior
  • Flashing the exterior in the right sequence for water resistance
  • Integration with the weather barrier (Tyvek, house wrap, etc.)
  • Sealing the window on the exterior
  • Repairing exterior stucco, siding, or trim

Get the most out of your new windows & doors. Choose the best quality window or door you can, and always use a professional, experienced installer.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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