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How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Scottsdale, AZ?

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Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Scottsdale

We’ll outline some of the major considerations using this farmhouse style kitchen we remodeled in Scottsdale. The kitchen was one room of a whole-house remodel.

It included wall removal, exposed beams, and finishing adjacent rooms. These options that made the scope of work larger than a basic remodel of the space.

It’s also very typical of how people want to improve their kitchen. Many people are interested in a more open concept and a more comprehensive overhaul of their home or kitchen.

The investment required for your kitchen remodel depends on what your vision entails, how you want the kitchen to function, and the conditions of your home or space.

Click on the Kitchen Remodel tab below to see the investment it took to remodel this beautiful kitchen, and an outline of what was involved to make it happen.

The Structural Wall Removal tab shows the optional work and additional investment it took to open up the space.

The Finish Living Room tab details the additional work to finish and complete the adjacent space. 

Kitchen Remodel Scope of Work

The biggest factor that drives the cost of kitchen remodeling is the scope of work. Some projects include only minor changes and upgrades, while others are more complex. The size of the kitchen is also an important factor.

If you like the layout and size of your kitchen, consider replacing the cabinets, appliances, and finishes in the same locations to reduce the overall budget. If this is the case, the project may not require a building permit, which will save money and time.

If your dream kitchen involves major changes in layout, function, or quality of finishes, your investment will increase. It’s often necessary to make some changes to better suit your lifestyle, family needs, or satisfaction with your kitchen. 

Moving of plumbing, electrical, and lighting will require a building permit in AZ, as will any structural changes. All necessary building permits and inspections were included in this project.

This kitchen was done with a high level of workmanship, customer service, and professional project management. 

Example Kitchen- Scope of Work:

The owners of this example kitchen wanted to dramatically improve their space while updating the kitchen. As a result, this kitchen design went beyond simple replacement of cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. 

This modern farmhouse kitchen remodel included:

  • Appliances moved from original locations
  • Peninsula changed to a 6′ island
  • Large pantry wall with center countertop added
  • Upper wall cabinets added
  • Imported plywood cabinetry
  • Solid wood shaker doors
  • Soft close drawers
  • Crown molding & cabinet trim
  • Wood accent on the kitchen island 
  • Stainless steel cabinet hardware
  • White carrara quartz countertops
  • Added recessed lights & pendants
  • New receptacles & switches
  • New sink & faucet
  • Garbage disposal unit with countertop air switch
  • Re-use existing appliances
  • Exhaust ventilation through the roof

Additional Home Remodeling Work

Additional work that can drive the investment in your kitchen remodeling project can include structural changes, electrical modifications, or replacing windows & doors.

Any increase in the scope of work will impact the schedule, cost of investment, and labor needed to complete your project.

Some examples of additional work that can be performed as part of a kitchen remodel project include:

  • removing walls and installing structural beams
  • installing exterior doors, windows, or large patio doors 
  • custom built-in shelving or cabinetry
  • wood or other accent walls
  • HVAC modifications
  • unforeseen conditions or repairs

Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Scottsdale: Cost Drivers & Cost Savers

Kitchen Remodel
Cost Drivers

Consider these improvements
if your budget allows
  • moving appliances from original locations
  • changing cabinet layout or locations
  • custom or semi-custom cabinets
  • tall pantry cabinets or pantry walls
  • add or move a kitchen island
  • crown molding & cabinet trim details
  • custom storage features
  • premium countertop slabs
  • tile backsplash or walls
  • premium tile or flooring
  • kitchen exhaust ventilation
  • modifying soffits and ceilings
  • recessed, pendant, or cabinet lighting
  • premium appliances
  • converting from electric to gas
increases cost

Kitchen Remodel
Cost Savers

Consider these factors
if you're on a strict budget
  • keep appliances in original locations
  • maintain the original cabinet layout
  • choose off-the-shelf cabinets
  • minimize tall pantry cabinets
  • choose a peninsula instead of an island
  • minimize cabinet trim & details
  • use open shelving for storage
  • choose basic countertop slabs or laminate
  • use 4" backsplash
  • keep the existing flooring
  • choose more affordable flooring options
  • maintain soffits & ceiling as is
  • use existing lighting layout
  • use existing or standard appliances
  • maintain electric or gas
decreases cost

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